Guest Wireless Access

About Guest Accounts

With a Stanford Guest Account and permission of the page owner, you can view specific Stanford web pages that normally require Stanford-affiliated SUNet identification. You can also view and interact with some web-authenticated department, individual, and group pages.

Request a Guest Account.

How do I sponsor a Guest wireless account at Stanford?

A Stanford community member with a SUNet ID  can sponsor a guest by filling out the form at

How do I connect to Stanford's wireless network using Mac OS X?

To connect to Stanford's wireless network, you need a valid SUNet ID or a wireless guest account and an 802.11b or 802.11g compatible wireless adapter.

How many clients can use the same Guest wireless login?

10 is the recommended maximum, but as many as 100 clients can log in using the same username. Remember, the SUNet ID that sponsors the guest access is responsible for the actions of each user.

For more information about guest access, see the Access for Stanford Visitors page.