Wireless Network

Who is my Resident Computer Consultant (RCC)?

Students (both undergrad and graduate) get most of the help they need with computers through their Resident Computer Consultant (RCC).  These are students who live in student housing whose job it is to provide this help.  Each RCC is assigned to a housing unit (some larger ones may have several RCCs).  To find yours, go to

How to: Connect iPhone to the Stanford wireless network

To register your iPhone, connect to the Stanford wireless network, open a web browser, and point it to any page. The Stanford Network Self-Registration page opens. Tap Continue to Registration Choices and follow the on-screen prompts.

Why does it take longer to connect to Stanford Secure than to other wireless networks?

The Stanford Secure wireless network takes longer to connect to because it has to authenticate certificates. It protects your user name, password, and data with network encryption.

For more information, see the Stanford Secure Wireless Network page.