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What is the BaRS service and where can I get more information about it?

The Information Technology Services Backup and Recovery Service (BaRS) is a convenient, cost-effective way for Stanford faculty and staff to back up and recover crucial data on servers. The BaRS service utilizes TSM software (Tivoli Storage Manager®, a product from IBM) to back up data over SUNet to a centralized, secure storage facility.

Once installed and configured, TSM will automatically back up your system at a specified time each workday.

Should I shut down Time Machine before a Retrospect backup or vice versa?

Yes. Exclude each from the other's backup.

Make sure to exclude your external Time Machine volume from Retrospect lest it continuously try to back up that data. Likewise, don't have your Retrospect backup archive going onto an attached volume that Time Machine sees and wants to back up.