Stanford Calendar

Can I view someone else's calendar?

By default, you will be able to see whether someone is free or busy. To see further calendar details, the calendar owner must first grant you permission by sharing the calendar with you.

Watch a video helplet about Sharing Your Calendar.

About the Stanford Web-based Calendar

Visit the Calendar Basics page to find out how to log in to your calendar, create

How do I view my Stanford Calendar in Google Calendar?

You can view your Stanford Calendar information on your Google calendar, but you cannot make changes to it in Google. You can make changes to your Stanford Calendar only in Stanford Calendar. 

To View Your Stanford Calendar in Google Calendar:

How do I configure my iPhone to work with Stanford email and calendar?

You can configure the iPhone and iPad to work with Stanford's email system through ActiveSync or IMAP.

Why am I receiving invitations to Stanford Calendar events in my non-work email account?

CAUTION: All Stanford business email should be transmitted using Stanford email systems and not forwarded. Use Webmail to check your email while you're off campus.

Why aren't meetings showing up on my calendar?

If appointments aren't displaying on your calendar, check your email to make sure the messages aren't being filtered or deleted.

What other software works with the integrated calendar?

The new Stanford Email and Calendar works with almost any desktop email client. You can continue using whatever you're using now, with no changes. This gives you the freedom to choose the best tool for you. We recommend:

I deleted an invitation through my iPhone and the meeting was deleted from my calendar

When syncing your Stanford Calendar to an iPhone, your iPhone displays meeting requests that are in your Inbox in the Invitations section of its calendar application.

CAUTION: If you delete the invitation from this area, the entire meeting is deleted, not just the invitation.