Graduating Student? What You Need To Know!

I'm graduating. How do I save my email messages?

We recommend that you create your alumni account prior to the end of the 120 day grace period, new email sent to your address after it closes will automatically forward to your address for two years.

AFS files

To move your files from your AFS space please use Stanford Desktop Tools to mount your home folder, and copy the files from your home folder to your hard drive. If you don't have Stanford Desktop Tools installed, use SFTP to transfer the files.

Will I get to use my Stanford University email after graduation?

Graduates of the Class of 2012 and forward have a 120-day grace period after graduation. After the 120 days, your account will change to a base level account good for five years, giving you access to your transcripts and other online information such as protected websites to which your SUNet ID has been given specific permission.