New Student? What You Need To Know!

What is two-step authentication and how does it work?

Two-step authentication uses two types of authentication to verify your identity: your SUNet ID login and an authentication code that you use only once, so even if someone gets hold of your account name and password, they can't use them to get into any site that's protected with two-step. By using two forms of authentication, you're protecting yourself and Stanford.

Who is my Resident Computer Consultant (RCC)?

Students (both undergrad and graduate) get most of the help they need with computers through their Resident Computer Consultant (RCC). These are students who live in student housing whose job it is to provide this help.  Each RCC is assigned to a housing unit (some larger ones may have several RCCs).

How do I get a Stanford ID card?

All ID cards are issued through the ID Card Office. Everyone submits their photo through the page.

Courtesy Cards are available for $25.00