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How do I make or rebuild a WWW directory in AFS?

If you have a SUNet ID and Stanford AFS space, you probably have a pre-configured, ready to use WWW directory in your home directory. This page describes what to do if you accidentally delete your WWW directory or want to create a different WWW directory outside your home directory. You can complete the process from your desktop using SecureCRT (Windows) or LelandSSH (Macintosh).

I would like to convert my HTML-based lab webpage to Drupal. Does anyone have a quick and useful Drupal template for a lab, which I could configure as a way of getting started?

The Stanford Sites (https://sites.stanford.edu) Drupal hosting service is a free Drupal option that has many of the most popular Drupal modules pre-installed. It is customized for Stanford's academic environment and can easily be used to build a group or lab website.