Web Forms (Form Builder)

About Web Forms and Form Builder

Stanford faculty, staff, and students who have a full-service SUNet ID and AFS space can use the Stanford Web Forms service to make contact forms, short surveys and polls, instructor evaluations, and other forms free of charge. No knowledge of HTML, Javascript, or SQL is required.

Does my FormBuilder link have to end in .fb?

Not necessarily. Although hiding the full link under link text or using a free Bity link are far easier alternatives, you can redirect users to your form by adding some code to an .htaccess file:


RewriteEngine On

RewriteBase /group/foo


RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} foo

RewriteRule ^([^/.]+)/?$ $1.fb [L,QSA]

How do I use Form Builder (Web Forms) to create an anonymous survey?

To create a web forms survey that allows anonymous submissions, add an .htaccess file with the following contents to the subdirectory that contains the survey:

 order deny,allow
 satisfy any

By placing this file in the subdirectory, the contents of the subdirectory are not protected by WebAuth (and therefore anonymous).