About StanfordYou

Use StanfordYou to update your directory, personal data, and emergency contact information. 

Click Change Settings

The Change settings link is a shortcut to the Accounts page at accounts.stanford.edu where you go to update your SUNet ID password, turn on an email vacation agent, set up a SUNet ID alias, enable email forwarding, redirect your personal Stanford web pages to another address, and make changes to two-step authentication.

Change your SUNet ID password every six months to keep your account safe.

If you move or get a new phone number, use Maintain your directory and AlertSU emergency contact information in StanfordYou to change your directory information so that you receive your benefits and payroll information.

Use Maintain your external emergency contact information in StanfordYou to keep your your emergency contact information current.

Make sure your personal information is correct in Maintain your personal data in StanfordYou.

Not sure where to start? StanfordYou Help is always available.
Still not sure what to do? Submit a HelpSU request.