What is Mailman and how do I use it?

Mailman is a free email distribution list service available to anyone in the Stanford community with a full service SUNetID. Mailman offers built-in archiving, automatic bounce processing, spam and content filtering, and digest delivery.

Use the Mailing List Tools page to subscribe, unsubscribe, and manage list preferences. If you know the exact name of the list, enter it in the Subscribe or unsubscribe to a list field and click Go To Subscriber Page. If you don't know the exact name, click View the lists that you are a member of.

List owners use this page to request, manage, view, and copy (clone) lists and administer existing lists.

Please review the Mailing List Service Policies and Guidelines before using this service.

Whether you're a list subscriber or an owner, visit the Mailman Mailing Lists page for more information.


Stanford community members with a full-service SUNet ID may request a new list.

Stanford community members with a full-service SUNet ID can manage their lists.