IMAP Email

Entourage for IMAP and POP

Entourage is an email client that is part of the Microsoft Office for Mac software package.

IT Services strongly encourages Entourage users to apply all available patches from Microsoft for their version of Office. In particular Entourage 2004 must have Service Pack 1 installed to send mail properly from off campus.

Can I use Webmail in conjunction with other email programs?


Webmail is an IMAP email client that stores mail on the mail server. Many users at Stanford have their email program configured to download mail to the desktop using POP. If you want your email program to access the same set of mailboxes as Webmail, you may want to consider switching to IMAP.

How to: Clear a full IMAP mailbox

To quickly free email storage space, log in to Webmail , right-click on the Trash folder and select Empty Trash. All messages are permanently deleted.

Most IMAP email clients provide several options for deleting email. For instance, marking a message for deletion may mean that it is purged from the server as soon as you quit the program, or even as soon as you switch to a different subfolder.

How do I change the settings on my departmental email account or group IMAP account?

If you are the owner of a departmental email account, whether it's a group IMAP account or just one that just forwards to other addresses, you will have a special selection called Manage your departmental accounts at the bottom of your Stanford.You page. Use this to set an auto-reply or choose forwarding options just as for a personal email account.

Where did my IMAP folder go that I created in Eudora on another computer?

You may need to reset your folder list on any other computers you have set up to use IMAP.

To reset your folder list:

  • Eudora for Mac - Click the Envelope button at the bottom of your Mailboxes window to 'Refresh IMAP Cache.'
  • Eudora for Windows - Right-click the INBOX folder and then click Refresh Mailbox List.

My school has an IMAP server. Can we use Webmail to read mail there?

No. Webmail can only see @stanford (Leland) mail.For information about IMAP at Stanford, see the IMAP Email website. For information about Webmail, see the Webmail Guide.

What does 'synchronizing' or 'subscribing to folders' do to my IMAP email?

Because IMAP email can be read from any computer, the only way to ensure that you are seeing the same thing on each computer is to synchronize the mailboxes. This is usually done automatically when you start the email client, but you can also do it manually. (Some email clients refer to this process as subscribing to folders.)

For more information, see the IMAP Email website.

Why don't my messages disappear when I delete them from my IMAP email mailboxes?

You may have your client set to 'mark for deletion', meaning that your messages won't actually be deleted until you 'Purge Deleted Messages' or 'Compact Mailboxes'. Some email clients may have a setting to automatically do this when you quit. Eudora does not.

For more information, see the IMAP Email website.

How do I automatically purge deleted messages in Outlook Express?

To automatically purge deleted messages in Outlook Express:

I added a new IMAP folder from my other computer, why don't I see it on this one?

Depending on your email client, you probably need to synchronize or subscribe to the folder.

How to subscribe to or synchronize folders with some commonly used email clients:

  • Eudora for Windows - Right click on Inbox in Folder view then select Refresh Mailbox list. (To view Folder list: Tools > Mailboxes)
  • Outlook - Tools menu > IMAP Folders. Click Query.

Can I delete just the attachment, but not the message, using IMAP?

Some clients, such as Outlook and Outlook Express, allow this. Eudora does not.

To delete an attachment from a message using Outlook:

Can I pay for extra email quota with my own money?

Not at this time. Only departmental accounts can be billed. If your department is willing to pay this for you, then ask you to reimburse them, that's OK.

See the Email Storage Space page for information about buying more email storage space.

With IMAP, if I save an attachment does it automatically get deleted from the server?

No. You have to delete the message. If you want to keep the message, but have already saved the attachment to your hard drive, some email clients allow you to remove the attachment separately (such as Outlook adn Outlook Express).See the IMAP Email website for more information.

After converting from POP to IMAP, why do I have thousands of old messages in my new Inbox?

You had checked the 'leave mail on server' option in your email client while in POP mode. Even though you couldn't see them before converting, IMAP thinks these are all new messages and shows them to you. You can select and delete these old messages.

For more information, see the IMAP Email website.

How can I tell how much of my email quota I've used?

Log in to Webmail and hover your cursor over your name in the top right corner of the page.

Your email quota is also displayed on the StanfordYou web page in Change settings for account, under Account status & storage quota