Stanford Instant Messaging

About Stanford Instant Messaging

Stanford Instant Messaging (Stanford IM) is Stanford's free, secure instant messaging service. It uses SUNet IDs, Kerberos-based authentication, and SSL encryption to allow University faculty, staff, and students to conduct confidential business quickly and securely with

Pidgin does not work on RHEL 5

Sometimes Pidgin on RHEL 5 has trouble working with Kerberos authorization and an Openfire IM server.

To fix the problem, install cyrus-sasl-gssapi and get a valid Kerberos ticket. Pidgin will not require that package on install or upgrade at this time, so you must install it and restart Pidgin to load the library.

Can I run Pidgin and Yahoo IM at the same time?

It is possible to run both applications at once.

If you launch Pidgin and then Yahoo IM, both applications will remain open. If you start Yahoo IM and then launch Pigin, you are automatically logged out of Yahoo IM.

To see contacts from other IM clients in Pidgin:

Can I chat with somebody who has a base account?

No. Only users with a full SUNet ID can use Stanford IM.

Can I use Stanford IM off campus?

Stanford Instant Messaging is limited to campus-only IP addresses. Off-campus users must be on Stanford's VPN to use Stanford IM.See the Stanford Instant Messaging web page for more information.

How do I add a group in Pidgin?

To add a group in Pidgin:

  1. Choose Buddies > Add Group.
  2. Enter a group name.
  3. Click Add.

How do I add a group in Adium?

To add a group in Adium:

  1. Select Contact > Add Group.
  2. Enter a group name.
  3. Click Add.

My SUNet ID was just assigned to me, but I can't use Stanford IM yet.

Newly activated SUNet IDs may have a lag time of up to one hour before they are active.

Stanford IM will be able to connect to the full service ID once the ID is active.

Does Stanford IM have any storage limitations?

No. There are no storage limitations for Stanford IM.

How do I find the SUNet ID of someone I want to add as a Contact/Buddy in Stanford IM?

StanfordWho is the best place to find a SUNet ID. Be sure to check the Search in Stanford View checkbox.

If there is more than one entry in SUNet ID field, the first value is usually the one to use. You might have to send an email to confirm the SUNet ID. 

I get a 500: Internal Server Error when I try to use Stanford IM.

Stanford Instant Messaging is secure, in part, because it uses Kerberos. To fix the issue, install software that will handle Kerberos tickets for you.

To fix the 500: Internal Server Error problem, download and install either Stanford Desktop Tools or Kerberos for your computer's platform.

How do I start a Group Chat in Adium?

To start a Group Chat in Adium:

How do I know if I’m chatting with someone using another Stanford account?

Hover over the username of the other person. If displays, you are chatting with someone who is using Stanford IM.

Can I transfer files using Stanford IM?

No. The file transfer service has been disabled on the server for the Stanford IM service. Use secure email if you have to transfer files. 

I created a group for my Stanford IM contacts in Adium. Why isn't it in my display?

If you have created a group in Adium and none of the contacts in the group are online, then the group will not appear in your Contact List and all of the contacts are displayed in the "Offline Group" that Adium creates by default.