I use a personal firewall. Do I need to make any configuration changes with BigFix?

The BigFix client installer will attempt to configure the personal firewall that is provided with your operating system. See the BigFix client installation instructions for details and the manual configuration procedure.

Who should install BigFix?

All Stanford faculty, staff, and students are entitled to and should install the BigFix client software on any personally-owned or Stanford-owned laptop or desktop computers that are connected to the Stanford network or that are used to transact University business, even if the ISP (Internet Service Provider) is not Stanford.

How does BigFix help save energy and keep my computer safe?

Stanford uses the BigFix Enterprise Suite (BES) to deploy patches and updates to Windows and Macintosh computers to keep your computer and our network safe. BigFix also provides a consistent and reliable way to remotely configure power settings.

What happens when a BigFix client computer has been off the network for a long time?

Client computers that do not make network contact with Stanford's central BigFix server for 45 days will have their records deleted from the central BigFix database. Service will resume as before if the BigFix client remains installed and it re-establishes contact with the central server after the record is deleted. No information is lost.

The BigFix installer asks me to specify a SU group and SU subgroup. What are they?

The BigFix client installer makes an educated guess at your group assignment based on the current network location of your computer. If you are unsure about which group or subgroup to select, contact your local IT support staff. You can always run the BigFix installer again to select another group.

Students should select 'Students' as their group for all personally owned computers.

What versions of Windows does BigFix support?

The BigFix service at Stanford provides updates for all Windows platforms currently supported by Microsoft, including the most common non-English editions of Windows.

Install BigFix.

Why do I have to install BigFix using an administrator account?

The BigFix client service must run in the system security context to be able to install patches.

How can I tell that the BigFix service is running on my computer?

You will see no obvious sign that anything has happened after installing the client because it is running as a service.

Should students install BigFix?

Yes. Students are encouraged to install the BigFix client. The BigFix client provides essential data for the central network and security managers even when machines may receive patches through Automated Windows Update or by students interactively downloading patches.

Where can I get more information about BigFix?

If you have more questions about BigFix at Stanford, please send e-mail to the BigFix Site Admin team.

For additional BigFix product documentation, including a searchable Knowledge Base, please visit the BigFix Enterprise Support web site.

How does BigFix work?

BigFix Enterprise Suite has two distinct software components, a client and a server. The client software is installed on computers that are to be managed, while the server allows system administrators to monitor those computers and enables the deployment of patches to them.

With BigFix, should I still worry about hackers, viruses, phishing, and confidential data?

Yes. Even with BigFix, hackers could seize control of your computer and gain access to all of your files. Some hackers have no interest in your data even though they have access to it. To them, your computer is simply a resource on the Internet. Many computer viruses attempt to steal confidential information, such as credit card numbers, PayPal passwords, and other critical data.

Does BigFix support non-English versions of Windows?

Yes. The BigFix service at Stanford provides updates for all Windows platforms currently supported by Microsoft, including the most common non-English editions of Windows.

What if my computer must not be patched? Will BigFix still work?

Consult with your local technical support staff before installing BigFix on a server or any computers running specialized software or connected to specialized equipment. Your local BigFix administrator can 'lock' or 'unlock' such computers, so that they can be patched and rebooted, or not, as may be appropriate in a given case.

How do I install the BigFix client on Windows?

The BigFix client self-installation wrapper is available on the BigFix download and installation web page.

Technical support staff who already have administrative rights for the computers they manage also have a remote installation utility available to them.