Software Licensing

Where can I get more information about licensed software? How do I get the software?

Use the Software at Stanford page to search for information about software available for use or purchase on campus. Most items link to a download site, purchasing information, or list of places on campus where you can use the software for free.

We have to upgrade our department’s Windows XP computers. What do we do?

Please contact your local IT department for upgrade costs and procedures.

Does Stanford pay for operating system upgrades for faculty or staff personal computers?

No. Stanford does not centrally provide operating systems or other software for personally owned computers. If you use your home computer primarily for Stanford business, talk to your department’s IT representative.

My Mac is running a virtualized desktop. Must I buy a full version operating system?

You may buy an upgrade for the operating system instead of the full version if you have an operating system already installed on your virtualized desktop computer.

Is there a virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) discount?

The Microsoft Campus Wide Agreement includes virtualization rights for qualified* operating systems. There is no need to purchase an additional license for computers running Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista.

How do I order Microsoft or Adobe software for departmental use?

Stanford has agreements with vendors such as Adobe and Microsoft who offer software at discount prices to the Stanford community.

Can I buy specially-priced research software from Software Licensing?

Possibly. Certain products on the WebStore may be restricted to specific user groups, such as Faculty or Students. These requirements are set by the software manufacturer and involve specific distribution agreements. Your user groups are passed automatically to the webstore when you sign in.

I want to buy software. What is Order on Hold Pending Approval?

This message displays after you have successfully submitted an order request for software using your shopping cart. What is this approval? This is an approval that the person for whom the software is being purchased is ELIGIBLE to use the specially priced academic software under the strict terms and conditions to which university must adhere in order to receive the fantastic pricing we enjoy.

How do I purchase software for someone else through the web store?

Software purchases must always based on the Stanford affiliation of the person who will be downloading and using the software. A proxy purchase is when you purchase software for someone else to use.

What is the web address for Software Licensing’s web store?

Software Licensing's web store has two web addresses (vanity URLs): and Both addresses bring you to the Welcome page of the Software Licensing web store.

How do I order software from the Software Licensing Web Store?

Have the following information ready before ordering from the Software Licensing Store:


Software Licensing Store System Error Messages

Error Message: 'Please note the following: The username specified is not registered in this webstore.'

This error message occurs when the person for whom you have tried to purchase software has not previously logged into the Software Licensing store. Do one of the following to fix this:

My order for research software was approved. How do I get my software?

The software download link and keys are in the Your Account link in the Software Licensing Store.

Can I install Stanford's site licensed software on my home machine, laptop, or overseas?

Whether you can legally install site licensed software on a a computer not owned by Stanford depends on the terms of the license agreement. Each one is unique, so please check with Software Licensing:

How does the IT Services Software Licensing Office choose which software to site license?

The Software Licensing Office becomes involved in negotiating campus licenses when there is a broad and continuing level of interest across campus in a particular software product. In addition, they must be able to secure pricing that is significantly lower than campus clients could get on their own.