Voice Messaging

I have a lot of old voice mail messages. Can I delete them all at once, not just one by one?

The answer is that you may not be able to delete them all at once, but you can certainly delete more than one at a time.

How to: Set up a vmail account

A vmail account is an email account that you can set up especially for your voicemail messages.

You set up your vmail account by creating a new profile in your desktop email client. The instructions for setting up your account depend on which client you're using.

What is a vmail account and why would I want one?

A vmail account a second email account just for your voicemail messages.

How to print a voice message to a fax machine

If someone sends a fax message to your voice mail, you can direct that fax message to a fax machine for printing.

To print a message to a default fax machine:

Phone: How do I transfer a call to a specific mailbox?

To transfer a call to a specific mailbox, listen for the prompts. If you're prompted for a password, press * * and the ten-digit mailbox number; if you're prompted for a mailbox number, press * and the ten-digit mailbox number.


Transfer a call to a specific mailbox:


Phone: How do I create a personal distribution list?

Depending on your system, you can have as many as 15 personal distribution lists (numbered from 11 to 30), with up to 25 mailbox numbers per list.

To use your phone to create a new personal distribution list:

Phone: How do I set the default printer for my faxes from my phone?

You can set a default fax machine for printing faxes from your phone.

To set up your default fax machine number after receiving a fax:


Phone: How do I set notification options for my phone?

The Stanford Voice Messaging system can send a message to your primary or alternate phone, pager, and/or your email account to notify you of new voicemail or fax messages in your voice mailbox. The system sends the notification based on the schedules and options that you specify.

To turn on notification by phone, log in and press 4, 7, 1.

You can specify:

I set up message waiting notification but I am never paged

You will never receive a page if you forward your messages to email but do not check Keep a Copy, even if you have set up message waiting notif

Phone: How do I print faxes from my phone?

You can print fax messages to a default fax machine.

To print a fax after reviewing it on the phone:

Web: How do I specify a default fax machine for printing from the voice messaging system?

You can have fax messages sent through the Voice Messaging system. To request this service, please submit a HelpSU ticket. There is no additional charge for this option.

Should I use my phone or the web portal?

Which tool you use depends on the what you want to accomplish.


Use your phone to record messages such as:


  • Personal greetings
  • Vacation agents
  • Busy messages
  • Find-Me Follow-Me (FMFM) messages

Use the web portal for setup and maintenance tasks such as:

How do I reply to a message on the new phone system?

To reply to a message on the new voice mail system, press 4 after the message is done playing. Pressing 4 before the message is done lowers the playback volume.

On the old system, the function key was 8.

How do I order Stanford Voice Messaging?

To add new service or change an existing service profile, submit an IT Services service order through OrderIT, or call 5-HELP and choose option 2.

How much does Stanford Voice Messaging cost? 

Why can't I use the message waiting button to access voice mail on a second line?

Due to voice mail system configuration, the message waiting indicator is configured to send the signal to the Primary Directory number (PDN), which is the first number/button on the bottom of the set.